About Company

Brief History

Back in 1985 a home industry named ‘MULYANA PLASTIK’ started to change its business from a bakery and snacks into producing woven plastic bags, which was started to market in Indonesia replacing jute bags.  With no more than 25 people and just 6 circular loom machine the company laid down the foundation of PT SINAR MULIA PLASINDO LESTARI which was established in year 2000. 

In 2003 we expanded our market internationally, serving customers from Asia, Europe, United states, and South America. With gradual and steady growth, we have become one of major players in woven plastic bags and leno bags industry in Indonesia.

Our Commitment:

"We improve our process and develop our people so we can deliver more values, relate better with our customers, and grow our business as a result".

  • Making the company a place to challenge ourselves to grow as person as well as a team
  • Quality and Improvement is expected in everything we routinely do
  • Delivering quality products and services valued by customers
  • Building personal relationship with our customers more than just doing business
  • Operational excellence as a foundation to match superior quality with affordable price
  • Maintain positive financial performance to sustain company growth

We value:


We believe great result can come only from great effort


We do what we have to do when we have to do it whether we like it or not


We always look for better ways to do our everyday job


We always do our best to support both co workers and customers


We will keep trying despite facing setbacks and failures


We anticipate changes and respond positively