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PP Woven Bag

Woven fabric is textile formed by weaving. Woven fabrics are created on a loom, and made of many threads woven on a warp and a weft.

The loom joins two sets of yarns by weaving one set between the other. The two sets of yarns are perpendicular to each other. One set is called the warp and runs the length of the fabric.

Woven fabrics are stronger and more structurally sound than non-woven fabrics.

PP Woven Bag is a bag or sack made of polypropylene by weaving method. Most are made in white colors or transparents.

They are widely used to pack various products because of their durability, economical and versatile nature.

Generally used for various granular, powder, pellet or flake products in the food and chemical industries.

PP Woven Bag is also the right transport medium to support mobilization of a product while keep it safe.

Karung Plastik

PP Woven Bag in Indonesia also known as rice sack. All farmers in Indonesia use woven bag to pack their crops.

SMPL itself -as a pp woven bag manufacture in Indonesia- provides this product in various colors, sizes, thicknesses, and can also use inner liners as needed.

The capacity varies from 10 – 100 Kg depending on the material it contains.

Moreover, it is available in various design options such as regular white bags, transparent, flat fabrics, flexo printed, BOPP printed, and sandbags.

PP Woven Bag is the best plastic packaging.

Woven Bag

Features :

Known as :

Woven bags also known as woven sacks, most people know them by this name. Bags or sacks is appropriate to describe something in a wide range of packaging types. 

A bag is, a flexible container with a single opening. Whereas a sack is, a bag made of paper or plastic for holding.

Sack is just one type of bag, especially applying to the packaging industry. In fact, most countries use bag more frequently than sack.

Also people, specially in Indonesia, often referred to according to its usage such as salt bags, rice bags, coal bags, flour bags, sandbags, feed bags, seed bags, cement bags, fertilizer bags, firewood bags, chemical bags, and others. And the most known by Indonesian people are sack for rice or called as “karung beras”.

PP Woven Bag

Specification :

Standard SizeWidth 30 - 125 cm
Denier600-1500 D
Construction9 x 9 up to 12 x 12 per inch
ColorMilky white / Transparent / Custom color
CuttingHeat cut / Cold Cut
TopHeat Cut / Hemmed / Sonic Hemmed
BottomSingle / Double Folded
Single /Double Stitched


Seed and Grains
Pet Foods
Building Products
Industrial Products
Agricultural and Plantation Products
General Wrapping
Geotechnical Engineering
Daily Essentials

Design Options

Sheet fabrics
Various Custom Sizes
Colors and striped bags
Side Gusset/Pillow design
Flexo or BOPP Rotogravure Printings
UV inhibited Sandbags
PE Liner Insert
Tie strings for easy closure

Are PP Woven Bag Made Of Eco-Friendly Materials ?

Yes, PP is eco and environmentally friendlier compared to many other plastic packaging solution used nowadays.

Its simple production processes and product re-usability facilitate less pollution to the environment.

What makes them environmentally friendly is the low emission of carbon during the production, use, and recycle process of PP material.

The manufacturing process and overall use of PP Woven Bag do not emit hazardous pollutants into the environment. Hence possesses better values in term of environmental friendliness.

One of the incredible advantages of PP Woven Bag is that it is very reusable. And when they become unusable, you can use the bags as a trash can before dumping them.

At SMPL,  waste from production and defective products will be melted back to make recycled plastic pellets.

Then it is used and made into new products of the same type. Besides, they last long enough and can be used many times to reduce your demand from single use products.

They are reusable for numerous amount of times, and the recycle-ability of PP Woven Bag is excellent as most of them are single polymer product.

No matter which category of bag you choose, when it is a PP Woven Bag, very likely that you can reuse it several times for several purposes, either for shopping, storing your goods, or transporting bulk item from one place to another.