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PP Leno Bag

Leno weave is a weave in which two warp yarns are twisted around the weft yarns to provide a strong yet sheer fabric.

These twisted warp yarns grip tightly to the weft which causes the durability of the fabric and allows light and air to pass through freely which is essential to certain content or commodity.

PP Leno Bag is a series of net like webbing made of poly-propylene with a braid that forms a strong bond.

Most are made in red, blue, green, yellow.

Leno weave is a weave in which two warp yarns are twisted around the weft yarns to provide a strong yet sheer fabric.

Leno weave produces an open fabric which allows light and air to pass through freely so are used in any area where a sheer, open weave fabric is required.

Karung Waring atau Leno Bag

Leno Bag is very widely used in horticulture, generally used in the transportation of dried vegetables and some other types of vegetables. Leno bags are also preferred for storage areas.

This bag makes it possible to transport many items in an easy and healthy way such as potatoes, onions, citrus fruits, peppers, chestnuts, beans, radishes and similar vegetables as well as cabbages, leeks, cauliflowers, green onions and seafood products.

Leno Bag

Features :

Karung Waring SMPL

Specifications :

Standard Size30 - 90 cm width
Denier550 - 800 D
Construction6 x 6 up to 7 x 7
ColorWhite / Transparent / Custom
TopSingle / Double folded Hemmed
BottomDouble folded

Familiar Leno Bag Types and Uses

Leno Bag for fish ponds. Usually, this leno is called a water net and is black in color. Fish nets are usually placed from the surface to the bottom to fortify or create two spaces between the water.

Leno Bag for farm or plantation fence. Generally aims to deter predatory animals and plant eaters. Thus, birds, storks, bats, and various animals cannot enter so that the plants are protected from pests.

Leno Bag to wrap the harvest. Farmers use leno as packaging for their crops. Leno bag has a hole that serves as a medium for the entry and exit of air. This hole is intended to maintain the freshness and durability of the fruit or vegetable that is packed in it. Leno is often found in markets, supermarkets, and super markets.


Fruits and Vegetables
Pet Foods
Sea Shells
And other non-durable products


Efficient transport media
Keeping fruits and vegetables -fresh
Low cost
Improve content visual appearance
Visible content

Are They Made From Eco-Friendly Materials ?

Yes ! Just likeĀ PP woven bag, these leno bag are also more environmentally friendly than many other packaging solutions currently in use.

The materials used and the production process are similar to woven bag. Therefore, the production process and the use of PP materials produce low carbon emissions, and does not emit harmful pollutants to the environment.

In SMPL, material waste from production process and defective products will be recycled back into plastic pellets.

Then the pellets are made into plastic tapes and evetually back into leno fabrics and bags.