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Brief Company History

A local home industry located in Bandung city known as ‘MULYANA' started a business in bread making. Going on for about 10 years with little success, the Owner seek opportunities in new line of businesses.

The trend for bulk and medium size commodity packaging for sugar, rice, beans, had shifted gradually from the costly jute bags to light but versatile woven plastic bags. Seeing this opportunity the Owner decided to change the course of his company.

Old factory

With only about 25 people, bread makers were turned into bag makers. Still retaining the old brand, 'MULYANA PLASTIK' was established as a small scale, family owned woven bag factory with just 1 small extruder and 6 circular looms, servicing the newly grown local demand for commodity packaging. 1990 the company started producing circular leno bag for domestic market.


Many challenges and unfavorable economic condition has to be faced. Indonesia's destabilized political and economical condition in the period of 1998 was a crucial test of survival for the company, until in the year 2000, Sinar Mulia Plasindo Lestari was officially registered as a private limited company.

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Sinar Mulia Plasindo Lestari started entering international market exporting to South East Asia, USA, Europe, and South America as it's strategy of market differentiation. At the same time, local market share was gaining significantly.

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With PP woven bag and leno bag as core product, Sinar Mulia Plasindo Lestari become a dominant player in Indonesia. Other new related products were developed and produced as business strategy.

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Making the company a place to challenge ourselves to grow as a person as well as a team.


Quality and Improvement is expected in everything we routinely do.


Delivering quality products and services valued by customers.


Building personal relationship with our customers more than just doing business.


Operational excellence as a foundation to match superior quality with affordable price.


Maintain positive financial performance to sustain company growth.


How we do business is guided by our beliefs.


We keep our promises and committed to do our best in serving our customer's interest.


We seek business partners that rely on each other, rather than just making transactions.


Our business relationship should be beneficial for both parties and the environment.


We believe a complex business is a bad business, we do business in a simple way.




We believe great result can come only from great effort



We do what we have to do when we have to do it whether we like it or not

Kerjasama Perusahaan Pabrik Karung


We always do our best to support both our co-workers and customers



We will keep trying despite facing setbacks and failures



We always look for better ways to do our everyday job

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We anticipate changes and respond to them positively

Sertifikat ISO 2023 page 0001


PT Sinar Mulia Plasindo Lestari reaffirmed their commitment to quality and excellence by successfully obtaining ISO 9001:2015 certification. This certification is a true testament to the company’s efforts to maintain high standards in quality control and management.

As a woven bag factory, which is engaged in the manufacturing of plastic packaging, PT Sinar Mulia Plasindo Lestari recognizes the importance of following best practices in every operational aspect. With strict supervision, the company ensures that every stage of production is carried out with the highest level of accuracy and quality.

By obtaining ISO 9001:2015 certification, PT Sinar Mulia Plasindo Lestari demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction and operational excellence. The company continuously strives to provide high-quality plastic packaging products that meet customer expectations while ensuring process efficiency and compliance with international standards.

With ISO 9001:2015 certification, PT Sinar Mulia Plasindo Lestari gives customers confidence that they can rely on consistent product quality, reliable service, and the company’s dedication to meeting their needs.